Tell Me Where It Hurts and I Will Tell You What To Do!

People come to physical therapy seeking relief from their cycle of pain, swelling, stiffness, disuse, weakness, and loss of function. Our job is to evaluate their musculoskeletal system and deferentially diagnose why they may have pain.

Pain is far too common. Americans consume 80% of the world's painkillers. Abuse of painkillers now kills more United States citizens than heroin and cocaine combined. In 2012, approximately 12 million people used painkillers and the annual cost to health insurers was $72.5 billion.

Pain medications, whether prescriptive or over-the-counter, all have serious side effects, such as, stomach bleeding, liver failure (especially from Tylenol), cardiac disease, heart attacks, and stroke. Instead of taking medications that only provide short-term relief, come into Brill Physical Therapy where our group of trained professionals can help provide lasting relief for your pain.

Our goal at Brill Physical Therapy is to break the cycle of pain and restore your body. Please get a musculoskeletal screening at Brill Physical Therapy to assure your body is well and strong. Good health can be yours every day!

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